Graduating Class of 2023

What will they build?

The graduating Class of 2023 departed the College on Wednesday evening with a Mass and Graduation Dinner. Eucharist is central to the Catholic faith, so it was fitting that this dignified and beautiful Mass was central to farewell celebrations. The Dinner at The Park exceeded expectations for the attractive presentation of the venue, quality of food, light and sound, and the presence of their staff added to the occasion.

The whole point of a Catholic school is that every student feels known, loved and challenged – challenged to contribute to a culture and the Common Good, and challenged to learn what excellence looks like. The entire evening reflected a confident and grateful parent group and relationships of trust, respect and affirmation between the students and their teachers. This was made clear and evident by Nick Johnston Father of College Captain Raj Johnston when he addressed the room from a parent perspective.

“When we returned to Melbourne in late 2017, we struggled to find a school for Raj. We were greatly relieved when we got a call from then CBC’s Principal, Gerald Bain-King, saying a place had become available. At interview, he promised that CBC excelled at an all-round education and that it supported families with sound values for their children.
We felt we had come to the right place.
St Mary’s has delivered on Gerald's Promise, and then some. We are so grateful for those other school’s knocking Raj back because this has worked out far better than we would have thought.
Families and students should be incredibly proud of what they have achieved with the school for their children. We parents will always be grateful to the teachers and staff at St Mary’s, not just for the time and energy they have given our boy, but for their devotion and care.” - Nick Johnston

My speech to the Graduating students took on the theme of challenging them be someone who contributes positively to their community.

Melbourne’s real impetus was gained from the gold rush. Making it the richest City in the British Empire for 20 years. It was the centre of industrial, cultural, political, financial, and Catholic life in this country for a century.

Melbournians invested their money in roads, bridges, civic buildings, art museums, hospitals, schools, and public parks and gardens, all of which, spoke of the importance Melbournians placed on Civic Progress and the Common Good. All of this was built with migrant labour, gold money and taxes, engineers, construction experts, town planners, landscapers, sculptures, etc. Our citizens have been cared for by doctors, nurses, teachers, and carers, most of whom, learnt their skills in institutions of learning here in Melbourne.

My question to each member the graduating class is,

What will you build?

What skills will you acquire?

Who will you care for, or teach, or defend as you make your own way in promoting the Civic Progress of your community, your city, and your Commonwealth?

Each of us here is proud that you possess, in some measure, the courage, empathy, understanding and virtue that will enable each of you and contribute in some measure to the progress of us all.””

For a school as old as this one, people would expect that we would be good at farewelling our graduates. Just the same, there was a special atmosphere of pride and expectation in the great contribution our students will make to their city, country and the global community.

Congratulations to everybody involved in the success of six years of dedication, commitment and achievement.

Michael Lee OAM
Principal (Acting)

Campus Works

Campus Works

Dear Parents, Carers and Members of the St Mary’s College Community.

Thank you for the very positive response to the End of Lease Move to One Campus letter I sent in October. In that letter I explained what a two-stage redevelopment of the Westbury Street Campus includes.

  • The redevelopment of each classroom space.
  • The development of a design, textiles and kitchen space.
  • The establishment of a Year 12 study hub.
  • The development of a designated Vocational Major space.

The plans for the redevelopment of Logue Hall have been completed and the application for a State Government Grant has been submitted. These plans are a flexible design so that they can be adjusted based on the size of the grant.

This work has begun!

The top floor of the Corbett building inclusive of rooms 8 to 11 will be completed in two weeks. New lighting, other electrical fittings, paintings and ceilings will be the bulk of this work.

The plans for the staged work in 2024 will mean that for semester one, Years 7 and 8 will be located on the Edmund Rice Campus and Years 9 to 12 on the Presentation Campus. The priorities guiding the location of year groups will be.

  1. Student and staff safety
  2. Minimal disruption to learning.
  3. Efficiencies for the completion of the scope of works.

The details around this need to be flexible as the expertise and vision of the new Principal and his Leadership Team will need to be included. Darren Atkinson will be on campus taking part in planning meetings on the 22nd of November.

The images below provide you with an idea of the work to be done and some of the concepts we are considering. These refurbishments are not a facilities arms race with other schools, they have been prudently costed but they are necessary to enhance learning spaces and to accommodate trends in core curriculum and student elective choice. Our commitment to quality learning is critical to student engagement, improved student achievement and effective teacher recruitment and development. This targeted expenditure is a further cause for community confidence in the progress of St Mary’s College.

Thank you for lending your enthusiasm to mine for the future of our school.

Yours Sincerely,

Michael Lee OAM
College Principal (Acting)

St Mary's College News - Special Edition - 17 Nov 2023