At St Mary’s College, diverse learning needs are catered for in a nurturing environment and all forms of achievement are celebrated. We provide specific, flexible and targeted guidance and support for students with learning challenges and giftedness such as Guided Study, Homework Club, Acceleration Programs, in-class assistance.

Differentiation occurs in all of our programs in all year levels to ensure we cater to each and every student. Adjustments are made on an individual student basis, so that strengths, weaknesses and learning preferences are accommodated. This is a high-impact teaching strategy, meaning it is grounded in sound educational research that shows strong evidence of improved student outcomes. Our individualised approach to student learning ensures that students requiring additional help, acceleration and extension will receive support tailored to their needs.

Additionally, specialised extension subjects are offered in Year 10. Acceleration is also available in Year 10 where academically talented students can begin their VCE studies.