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St Mary's College is a co-educational Catholic College in St Kilda East and Windsor established in late 2020.

We cherish our past and celebrate the many outstanding men educated by Christian Brothers College (CBC) and the women of Presentation College Windsor (PCW); the two schools who came before us, our founding schools, whose history has been intertwined for over 140 years. It is our endeavour at St Mary's College to preserve our past and form a strong collegial network of past students.

Our history is strong and dates back to the 1870's when the Christian Brothers and Presentation Sisters left Ireland to provide education to the marginalized Irish Catholics of Melbourne, at St Mary's Parish in St Kilda East and Windsor. The two schools' history and its community has shared the Catholic values of compassion and service and provided values driven education for thousands of Melbournians.

If you are a past student, we encourage you to register your contact details with us. We will keep your details private, used only to contact you with news of St Mary's College, invitations to events and ways to connect with fellow Alumni. If you have any questions regarding the use of your details please contact: David Formosa, Director of Development, email: ph: +61 3 9529 6611.

We have developed sites for past students of St Mary's College, CBC St Kilda and Presentation College Windsor. We value our alumni community and we would like to continue in our efforts to connect with as many as possible. We would love for our alumni community to get involved in our activities and stay connected with each other.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to register and update your details. This will greatly assist us to reconnect with past students and create a wonderful and vibrant network. If you are able to assist by forwarding a link to this page to your peers. They can sign up through Facebook, LinkedIn or Google.

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