At St Mary's College our commitment to social justice is a defining feature of who we are. Our social justice focus is a manifestation of our touchstones of Gospel Spirituality and Justice and Solidarity, actions of our authentic Catholic identity.

Our students are challenged and empowered to build a just world for all through our immersions and Social Justice programs. We work with and walk alongside those at the margins, to grow in empathy and to respond in faith and action.

The College Walkathon is our opportunity to put into action our Catholic Social teachings, raise funds for those in need and bring awareness to an injustice. Advocacy is an exciting and effective way to be part of the change you want to see in your world. By taking action we can take part in tackling the structures of poverty and bring about personal and global transformation. Advocacy means ‘to add a voice.’ To advocate is to take action to support a cause or person.

We are walking in support of those in our society who are living on the margins. Advocacy is focused on creating change. Change in attitudes, change in power, change in institutions. Our physical action along with the money we raise will create change.

"There is no greater happiness than to be in union."