Michael Lee
Welcome to St Mary’s College
A school that Believes that Together = Better

As you navigate our website I hope you discover the same energy, spirit and welcome that I have found since my arrival on ANZAC Day. This small, new school stands on two Millenia of Catholic education, is a natural and proper evolution of the fabled CBC St Kilda, and belongs to the Edmund Rice tradition of Respect, Justice ,Compassion, Inclusivity and Courage, always.

You will find here a place with a responsive, dynamic and modern approach to learning. At St Mary’s the Catholic tradition of pastoral care is found in ideas, policy and practice of safety first, intellectual and emotional robustness and in meeting challenges together with a sense of place, context empathy and perspective. Our belief is that pastoral care is to support our students as learners.

As a Catholic co- educational school across the adolescent years in the inner city of Melbourne, St Mary’s can really be a place that fosters much needed qualities of diversity, inclusion and where we can foster our belief that self efficacy, confidence and worth is found in being welcomed as our selves. Opportunities for tailored learning, leadership and extracurricular endeavours foster the chance for each member of our community to prosper as their authentic best self, possessing a deep sense of shared identity and belonging without becoming the corporate product which values reputational branding over agency, voice and character.

I am enormously positive about the possibilities St Mary’s College offers the young people who are here ,and those joining us every day.

Mr Michael Lee
Acting Principal

"I am enormously positive about the possibilities St Mary’s College offers the young people who are here, and those joining us every day."


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